Geosynthetics are essential components in civil and structural engineering practices. TYPAR® Geosynthetics manufactures high performance protection systems for Environmental, landfill, mining, Oil & Gas, and containment Systems to protect against Infill damage, contamination, leaching, and natural disasters.


Typical applications include:

  • Liner protection
  • Geocomposites
  • Geosynthetic Clay Liners
  • Landfill Engineering

TYPAR Geotextiles are utilized in a number of important containment system applications. Used as a separation Layer for geomembranes, TYPAR protects against damage during the filling process and provides continued separation throughout the systems lifecycle. Geosynthetic clay liners and geocomposites, both net and cuspate, employ TYPAR in the product composition due to its unique, non-woven characteristics. The heat bonded manufacturing process of TYPAR Geotextiles provides a fabric with improved laminar flow performance and slip-plane resistance characteristics that, when combined with a geonet or cuspate drain board, maintains consistent performance under compression without pushing into the net apertures or cuspate dimpling. TYPAR Geotextiles are widely used as a substrate for sprayed-in-place liner applications due to the high strength characteristics at lighter weights. TYPAR Geotextiles are recommended for Applications that require a high-performance fabric with consistent and predictable separation, stabilization, filtration and drainage properties.

Robust geotextiles
Typar Landfill geotextile
Geotextile landfill protection


Typical applications include:

  • Rapid Flood Control Barrier
  • Flood Wall
  • Levee and Dam Construction

The fight to prevent flooding can cost millions of dollars in temporary dam raising or construction. Floodwaters are not controlled can cost lives, millions in damaged property and an uncountable toll on livelihoods. Defencell is a unique confinement system of heavy-duty, time-proven TYPAR geotextile fabric cells constructed in a honeycomb formation. Defencell is approved through the Flood-Fighting Structures Demonstration & Evaluation Program completed by the Army Corps of Engineers at the Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) testing facility, and is shown to provide outstanding performance as a flood control structure. Lightweight, durable, and easy to transport, Defencell offers an advanced alternative to traditional flood control techniques. The stackable feature of Defencell requires less sand and a minimal footprint, creating the optimal solution to extend a levee wall or rapidly deploy a protective barrier with less materials needed. 12 units of Defencell deployed to construct a 100 foot wall 44 inches high is equivalent to 6,600 sand bags.

TYPAR rapid flood control barrier wall
TYPAR flood control barrier system

Cable & Pipeline Protection

Typical applications include:

  • Rockshield 
  • Coating Protection
  • Underground Demarcation
  • Detectable Warning Tape

TYPAR Geosynthetics offers a range of products designed to protect underground infrastructure and avoid dangerous encounters and costly damage to key assets. Our portfolio includes Protectamesh HD, a flexible rockshield mesh that prevents large stone particles from damaging, abrading, or puncturing a pipelines coating to ensure the cathodic protection system is not interrupted. Protectamesh replaces traditional sand buffer methods that require expensive transportation and construction costs. In addition, TYPAR Geosynthetics offers a full product line of cable and underground utility protection products, including detectable tapes, high-visibility warning mesh, impact resistant tapes, and plastic cable tiles to provide warning, detection, and protection during and post construction.

Protection HD
Rockshield plastic mesh protection


TYPAR Defencell - Military
Typar GeoCell - Gun Range
TYPAR Geotextiles
TYPAR BioBarrier
Grass & Ground Reinforcement
TYPAR Protectamesh HD Rockshield Mesh
TYPAR C-Class Geotextiles
TYPAR GeoCell - Flood Control
TYPAR BioBarrier Product Warranty
TYPAR BioBarrier - How it Works
TYPAR Biobarrier - Electrical Substation, Quebec
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TYPAR GrassProtecta Scour Protection
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TYPAR Geocell GS 250 - Slope Stabilzation
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TYPAR Geocell Flood Defence Wall
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TYPAR BioBarrier - Tree Skirt Applications
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TYPAR BioBarrier Underground Utilities and Pipework