Coastal, Waterways & Floods

Coastal, Waterways & Floods

TYPAR Geosynthetics are imperative to the stability and performance of coastal and waterway applications. Our performance based products are designed to provide the strength, durability, and longevity necessary to protect shorelines, stream banks, levees, breakwaters,and dams from dynamic erosion forces and over-topping during rapid flood conditions.

Applications with geosynthetics

Typical coastal and waterway applications include protection to:

  • Coastal Shorelines
  • Dams and flood walls
  • River and canal banks
  • Lake and reservoir shores
  • Culverts and outfalls
  • Ports and breakwaters

Key considerations when specifying geotextile for use in the control of coastal erosion:

  • Survivability - puncture resistance is very important during installation and dynamic loading throughout the projects lifespan.
  • Mechanical performance – sufficient flexibility, elongation and strength to wrap around point loads while resisting puncture and compression.  
  • Hydraulic performance – the geotextile must allow water to move in both directions at a rate equal to or above adjacent soil profiles, yet filter fine soil particles without clogging.
  • Durability – UV and mechanical wear resistance is essential in all geosynthetic applications, and TYPAR Geotextiles have proven performance for 40+ years in single applications.
  • High initial modulus – high strength, before elongation occurs, provides stability and protection in separation and stabilization applications, maintaining robust separation and protection in liner and drainage applications to prevent damage as pressure increases.
  • Isotropic Strength – strength in all directions is important to protect against mechanical degradation as dynamic loading increases throughout the design life of the application 

The benefits of using TYPAR Geotextiles:

  • 40+ year proven durability 
  • Isotropic strength & performance of a nonwoven
  • Superior quality
  • Simple, rapid and low-cost installation
  • Can be pre-sewn or site-sewn to form large area
  • Pre-fabricated areas can be lowered into position below water and ballasted
  • Less reliance on the use of primary aggregates & sand layer

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TYPAR geosynthetics are used in coastal / breakwater defence globally


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