Coastal, Waterways & Floods

Coastal, Waterways & Floods

TYPAR Geosynthetics are imperative to the stability and performance of coastal and waterway applications. Our performance based products are designed to provide the strength, durability, and longevity necessary to protect shorelines, stream banks, levees, breakwaters,and dams from dynamic erosion forces and over-topping during rapid flood conditions.

Temporary flood-alleviation structures

Application Function


TYPAR® DefenCell Protection Wall Systems

Innovative solution for flood control

In catastrophic rain and emergency flood situations, there is an advanced alternative to traditional flood control techniques for holding back water. TYPAR Defencell Protection Wall Systems — an innovative product that can provide stronger, more effective flood control.

How It Works

The TYPAR Defencell system offers quick set-up in comparison to sandbags and other traditional flood control techniques. The cellular system is made up of a strong geotextile material. Once expanded — which is fast and easy — simply fill up the honeycomb “cells” with sand or other suitable ballast material to provide structural support. In minutes, you have a strong stabilization device that functions as a cohesive singular structure — as opposed to separate sandbag units that are susceptible to structural failure.

Extreme Performance

TYPAR Defencell flood protection offers many advantages over sandbags:

  • Easy to install – designed for quick placement and filling
  • Quick removal – three times faster to remove than sandbags
  • Works with tough terrain – easy to set up on uneven surfaces and small footprint allows for stable protection along narrow passages
  • Durable – singular and sturdy, honeycomb design expands on site
  • Easy to transport – ships compact to remote areas, lightweight and portable
  • Effective – Half the seepage rates of sandbag installations
  • Price advantage – Lower cost than traditional sandbag methods

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TYPAR Geocell for flood protection
Defencell geocell can be used for flood prevention


TYPAR Geocells
TYPAR GeoCell - Flood Control
Geocell for Floods, Smithland, Kentucky
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TYPAR Geocell Flood Defence Wall