Grass and Gravel Reinforcement

Grass and Gravel Reinforcement

TYPAR Geosynthetics creates performance based alternatives to traditional impervious asphalt and concrete surfaces.  Our range of pervious surface solutions are designed to mitigate stormwater and provide multifunctional greenspace. Our grass or gravel ground reinforcement products provide permeable alternatives to fit any project size, application, and budget.

Temporary grass protection

TYPAR® GrassCarpet geocomposite is ideal as a temporary access path to protect grass from damage from vehicles and pedestrians. Typically, temporary grass protection is used during events such was weddings, our door events and other large gatherings. Supplied on a roll, GrassCarpet temporary access mesh can be removed and reused.

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TYPAR Temporary reusable grass protection products from TERRAM


Grass & Ground Reinforcement
TYPAR GrassProtecta - Temporary Grass Parking - Houston, TX
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TYPAR GrassProtecta Scour Protection