Mining and Landfill

Mining and Landfill

TYPAR Geosynthetics provide critical properties desired for effective landfill engineering solutions utilizing geotextiles. 

  • Durability and puncture resistance to withstand installation damage and service life pressures. 
  • High initial modulus and optimum elongation to prevent membrane damage from point loads during service life settlement. 
  • Chemical resistance when in contact with leachate during sustained periods. 
  • UV resistance during exposure prior to waste coverage.


TYPAR Geosynthetics include products to drain, collect and convey gas and runoff, geocell slope stabilization and robust protection for impermeable liners.

Careful consideration is required when designing a landfill cap, taking into account shape, size and gradient to provide an effective solution. Settlement occurs over time as waste in the cell decomposes, requiring modifications of the original parameters. Proper design will take the changing needs of the project into account while providing a performance solution.

TYPAR Geosynthetics and capping applications

Landfill caps include protection above and below the impermeable liner. In order to effectively collect and move rainwater and gas, a drainage layer may also be required either above and/or below the cap as well.

When designing the drainage requirement, the volume of water that will be present at the surface must be taken into account as well as the amount expected to infiltrate the restoration soil layer. The drainage system must provide an in-plane flow capacity that will neither overwhelm the collection system into which the drainage layer flows, nor is so slow that it causes soil saturation.

TYPAR robust geotextiles protect the capping liner from mechanical damage do their high puncture resistance. TYPAR drainage composites are an effective alterative to traditional stone solutions. Based on nets and band drains, our drainage compossites are lightweight and easy to install as well as ensuring consistent levels of in-plane flow dependent on factory-controlled properties.

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TYPAR robust geotextiles used in landfill capping applications
TYPAR drainage geocompsites used in landfill capping


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