Mining and Landfill

Mining and Landfill

TYPAR Geosynthetics provide critical properties desired for effective landfill engineering solutions utilizing geotextiles. 

  • Durability and puncture resistance to withstand installation damage and service life pressures. 
  • High initial modulus and optimum elongation to prevent membrane damage from point loads during service life settlement. 
  • Chemical resistance when in contact with leachate during sustained periods. 
  • UV resistance during exposure prior to waste coverage.

Side Slopes

Key to effective design of a landfill cell slide slope is protecting the impermeable membrane from mechanical damage while providing a means to collect leachate for dispersal or treatment. Depending on site conditions, it may also be necessary to provide pressure relief for pore-water beneath the membrane.

TYPAR Geosynthetics and side-slope applications

Used above and below the liner, TYPAR geotextiles protect impermeable liners from puncture and damage. With a high puncture resistance, our geotextiles ensure that pressure that causes the liner to bear down on an underlying stone drainage layer will not cause distress to the liner.

TYPAR Geocomposite drains, used beneath the liner, will mitigate pore water. Used above liners, the geotextile assists with collecting and conveying the leachate for disposal or treatment. If necessary, drainage function can be integrated within the protection layer as well.

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TYPAR robust geotextiles protect landfill side slopes
TYPAR drainage geoconposites are used on landfill side slopes


TYPAR Geotextiles
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