Retaining Structures

Retaining Structures

Typar Geosynthetics manufactures civil engineering solutions to stabilize retaining structures for MSE walls, retaining walls, shoreline embankments, levee extensions for rapid flood defense, and slope stabilization applications.

Flood defence

Application Function

Stabilization | Protection

Market Sectors

Coastal and Waterways

TYPAR Defencell is designed to alleviate flooding by creating a flood barrier from local materials on site, held within the geocells cellular confinement structure. This material could be soil or sand and the system has been proven to be successful in preventing major flooding globally TYPAR DEFENCELL panels utilize the strength and permeability of TYPAR geotextile fabrics to create a three dimensional confinement system suitable for rapid flood defense, range walls, and levee construction, raising, and repair. Capable of withstanding rugged terrain and conditions, the 20” high units can be stacked to create self- supporting walls and filled with sand, stone, mulch or other materials.

DEFENCELL can be brought in by hand, on equipment or dropped from helicopters in emergency situations. The cellular system is quicker to fill than sandbags, offering effective flood control in a narrow footprint. The system has the strength and durability to last and is easy to remove once the flood threat has passed.

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TYPAR Defencell flood prevention geocell


TYPAR GeoCell - Flood Control
Geocell for Floods, Smithland, Kentucky
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TYPAR Geocell Flood Defence Wall