Retaining Structures

Retaining Structures

Typar Geosynthetics manufactures civil engineering solutions to stabilize retaining structures for MSE walls, retaining walls, shoreline embankments, levee extensions for rapid flood defense, and slope stabilization applications.

Soil structures / earth reinforcement

Typar Geocells are 3-dimensional cellular confinement panels that can be filled with native or imported fill materials to stabilize slopes up to 45 degrees (1:1) or create a mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall. The flexibile, lightweight geeotextile panels will not retain their memory, enabling easy Transport and installation on-site. Typar Geocells are receptive to a variety of fill materials, including stone and soil, allowing the finished surface to match the projects aesthetic, environmental, and performance goals.

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TYPAR Geocell 3-dimensional cells for slope stabilization and MSE walls


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TYPAR Geocells
Grass & Ground Reinforcement
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TYPAR Geocell
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TYPAR BioBarrier - Retaining Wall Application
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