Fiberweb Opens 35,000 SF R&D Facility in Nashville

R&D and innovation

Research and development drives our business. Our new innovation centres in the US and UK are the most visible elements of Fiberweb’s commitment to R&D and applications engineering going on within Fiberweb around the world. They have enabled us to create new possibilities in specialty materials.

Building on our decades-long experience in nonwoven materials, netting and films, Fiberweb has expertise in creating laminates and composites, extrusion and coating, additives and surface treatments. Our product development teams have access to pilot lines and sophisticated analytical laboratories that enable them to realise the potential of new products.

Our commitment to R&D stems from Fiberweb’s dedication to creating long-term solutions for our customers. By exploring new technology platforms and production techniques, we can create product solutions that keep our customers at the forefront of their industries.

World-class R&D needs world-class facilities

Fiberweb operates a unique state-of-the- art multi-purpose pilot facility to enable rapid, cost-effective trials. Several smaller spinning lines are also available to quickly test new polymers, additives and polymer blends. These lines can produce bicomponent fibres, various fibre shapes, and can process a wide range of polymers including PP, PE, PET and PLA. This capability enabled Fiberweb to be the first company to introduce PLA (polylactic acid) based nonwovens on a commercial scale.

The final bonding and surface modification of technical fabrics are important to their performance attributes. We have developed significant expertise in various bonding technologies such as thermal, adhesive, and sonic bonding.

The science of surface modification is a key development area for Fiberweb. In 2008, Fiberweb invested in a new 1-metre wide extrusion coating line. This complements the equipment already available to our scientists and engineers for developing composite products using nonwoven fabrics and films.

The latest investment

In 2012, Fiberweb launched a new 35,000 square foot R&D facility, equipped with the latest advances in extrusion, fibre spinning and web forming technology. Together with our existing facilities it will enable Fiberweb to dynamically adapt to the growing technical demands of industrial and consumer markets.

For Geosynthetics, the innovation team and their facilities are being centralised at a purpose built facility in Maldon, UK. R&D, quality control, and product & process development will be located in new laboratories. The two groups in the US and UK will be working closely together.

To develop products for Filtration, Fiberweb has created a centre of excellence in Biesheim France where a dedicated team are building on investments in melt blown and spun bond technology to create materials that meet and exceed the evolving industry standards.


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