Defencell - Military and Security

Defencell - Military and Security

Defencell - Military & Security geocell

The DefenCell™ barrier system provides personnel and infrastructure protection in Military, Security and Environmental applications. Lightweight, man portable and non-metallic with a small logistical footprint, it is available in various flexible and modular configurations from individual positions up to complete forward bases and can be deployed rapidly, with or without engineering support.

In both military and security applications it affords protection from small arms fire right up to VBIEDs and artillery. In the environmental sphere, DefenCell™'s proven geocell technology makes it ideal for flood protection and ground stablization.

Military Applications

Designed by Engineers for Engineers, DefenCell is being used to provide protection to troops at Camp Bastion and is ideal for a wide range of Military applications. Taking advantage of the small logistical burden of DefenCell's light weight and compact packaging, typical uses include protective walls, compartmentalization, entry control points and training operations.

Military Logistics

DefenCell offers significant logistical advantages over other Expeditionary Force Protection systems. Highly efficient modular packaging reduces transport costs, cuts supply chain resources and is up to ten times lighter and five times more compact than gabions. All components are man portable and easily deployed to remote and inhospitable locations.


DefenCell has been extensively tested for Homeland Security applications providing Critical Infrastructure Protection including perimeter security, vehicle barriers and inspection lanes as well as temporary or permanent barriers. Vehicle crash tests have highlighted the protective capabilities of DefenCell products to arrest vehicles and prevent secondary attack.

Product Range

DefenCell is a modular protection and construction system with several ranges of standard size compatible products. Barriers and structures are built to the desired height, width and length by using additional product sections as needed. The proven cellular design provides structural integrity and the strong non-woven geotextile fabric retains the fill materials and is durable and UV resistant yet lightweight and free draining.


Compact - on average 5 times more walling in a 40' ISO than gabions. Average 5935M3 of DefenCell barrier in one 40' ISO container. Average 1129M3 of gabions in one 40' ISO container.

Lightweight - on average 5 times lighter than gabions and up to 10 times lighter. One average unfilled M3 of DefenCell barrier weighs 2.23kgs One average unfilled M3 of gabions weighs 13.10kgs and can be up to 22.35kgs.

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Defencell Explosion Test:

Defencell vs. Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED):

Strength - cellular structure provides considerable strength combined with built-in redundancy so if one cell is damaged the one behind will continue to provide protection and stability.

Mobility - DefenCell is easy to handle and transport and offers significant logistical advantages over sandbags and other barriers systems. Each unit is man portable, with a typical 4.9m long section, weighing less than 10kgs.

Easy Construction - DefenCell is easy to assemble and can be erected without major support equipment. Filling can be completed using standard mechanical handling equipment or by hand. The linear design of DefenCell units allow walls to be safely and quickly constructed.

Simplicity - DefenCell is modular in design and the barrier system comprises only five different units. Construction can be tailored in height, width and configuration to meet operational force protection requirements.

Packaging - all units packed in same standard pallets, 20 (or 40) per ISO container.

No Metal - all DefenCell units are 100% textile so no secondary shrapnel, no RF interference, no rust.

Easy Disposal - easy to remove and dispose, no wire baskets.

DefenCell is compatible with most operational defensive barrier systems and is ideal for enhancing existing barriers or replacing damaged and worn equipment in theatre. The enormous logistical and operational advantages of a lightweight, compact but durable barrier system make it an obvious choice for Expeditionary operations system. It can also be used for CIMIC operations when concrete barriers are being removed and a less 'aggressive' alternative is required while still retaining stand-off perimeter security and a degree of ballistic protection.

DefenCell's light weight does not compromise its ability to protect personnel and equipment. DefenCell has been bullet and blast tested to protect against small arms, cannons, mortars, artillery, VBIEDs and other fragmenting weapons.

DefenCell's all-textile construction minimizes risk of secondary fragmentation and RF interference sometimes caused by wire mesh gabions.


Defencell vs. 25mm cannon and 7.5 ton truck:

Defencell Crash Test:

High speed camera footage of Defencell K12/M50 crash testing:

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