TYPAR Geocell - Load Support

TYPAR Geocell  - Load Support

TYPAR GeoCell - Load Support

The TYPAR GeoCell GS cellular confinement system utilizes the strength and permeability of TYPAR Geotextiles to create a 3-Dimensional cellular confinement system. Manufactured from dark grey PP/PE bicomponent fiber geotextile, the cell walls are permeable to water, air and nutrients, increasing stability and vegetative performance. The TYPAR GeoCell GS system ships in compacted panel form and expands into a honeycomb formation to the desired shape and dimension on-site. The unique, lightweight, flexible material conforms to surface variations to improve ease of installation while resisting impact damage. A variety of infill materials, including native soils and recycled aggregates, may be used to reduce waste material and overall construction costs.

TYPAR GeoCell GS for Load Support
TYPAR GeoCell GS cells transfer downward forces laterally, reducing loads on underlying soils. The cellular confinement system is an ideal solution for providing stabilization over poor soil conditions, reducing constructed profile depth and cost, protecting soil and roots from compaction, and providing site access for light, heavy, and industrial vehicles.

• Suitable applications
• Base Reduction
• Improved Access Over Poor Soils
• Increased Longevity
• Highways
• Tree Root Protection


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TYPAR Geocell GS
TYPAR Geocell GS
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TYPAR Geocell GS 250/150 - Load Protection / Ground Stabilzation
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TYPAR Geocell GS 220/200 - Load Protection / Ground Stabilzation
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