AASHTO Geotextile

AASHTO Geotextile

TYPAR® C-Class construction geotextiles are value engineered to provide optimum strength, uniformity and durability characteristics for AASHTO M-288 applications. TYPAR C-Class fabrics combine over 40 years of nonwoven manufacturing technology and experience into one product line, providing the ideal solution for stabilization, separation, drainage and erosion control projects.


  1. Certified by AASHTO through the NTPEP Audit Process 
  2. Engineered for optimal performance
  3. Time Tested Durability – Ongoing 35 year TYPAR performance study
  4. Increase shipping volumes by 25-45% – Save space on the shelf while putting money in your pocket
  5. Stringent internal quality standards means you receive the highest quality product every time – no second quality product, no hassle, no fuss.
  6. Unique performance fabrics set your company apart from the competition
  7. Made in the USA for over 40 years


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