TYPAR Landscape Fabric

TYPAR Landscape Fabric

TYPAR Landscape Fabric

Application Function


TYPAR® Landscape Fabric is a unique, lightweight landscape fabric that blocks weeds while letting water and nutrients in. Made from a unique, spun bonded textile, TYPAR Landscape fabric is lightweight and easy to install. The fabric comes in smooth rolls and does not tear, fray or puncture easily but is easily trimmed with a utility knife or shears. No special equipment required.

TYPAR Landscape Fabric is ideal for:

  • Flower beds and gardens
  • Planters and pot liners
  • Under mulch and rock
  • Behind retaining walls

For Homeowners

Homeowners will love what TYPAR can do for gardens or yards. TYPAR helps you keep landscaping healthy and free of weeds.

Made of nonwoven spun bonded polypropylene, TYPAR is strong enough to block weeds - yet porous to ensure the passage of necessary water and liquid nutrients.

TYPAR is an effective weed blocker in landscaped beds. As a liner for planters, TYPAR improves soil drainage without soil loss. Installed as a weed blocker under wooden decks - its permeability eliminates troublesome water puddling underneath, which in turn minimizes mildew and odor problems.

TYPAR is guaranteed to last for years to make landscapes look professionally manicured with minimal effort.

TYPAR Landscape Fabric is ideal for:

  • Weed Control
  • Planter and Pot Drainage
  • Under Wood Decks
  • Timber Retaining Walls
  • Blind Drains
  • Brick or Block Patios and Walks
  • Interceptor Trench Drains


For Gardening or Landscaping Professionals

Let TYPAR maximize efficiency while enhancing customer satisfaction. Created with landscaping professionals in mind, TYPAR is made of extremely durable polypropylene. Resistant to rot, mold, chemicals and micro-organisms, it allows for quick drainage while preventing soil erosion. In addition, it resists penetration by most vegetation. Its heat-bonded, nonwoven construction means TYPAR will withstand stress and damage both during construction and in long-term use. TYPAR is also particularly easy to install. In fact, TYPAR is the most cost-effective alternative in a wide variety of landscaping and gardening situations.

TYPAR is permeable so water, air and fertilizer can pass through, ensuring healthy plantings and a strong, productive soil structure that maximizes yield and attractiveness.

Where to buy:

The DeWitt Company  
905 South Kings Highway
Sikeston, MO 63801

Toll-Free: 800-888-9669