GrassCarpet grass protection

GrassCarpet grass protection


Application Function

Protection | Stabilization

TYPAR GrassCarpet™ temporary grass protection matting is a strong nonwoven needle-punch geotextile bonded to our heavy duty grass protection mesh. TYPAR GrassCarpet can be installed in two different manners to provide temporary grass protection for outdoor events. 

Placed with the geotextile layer up and the grass protection mesh down, TYPAR GrassCarpet provides a stable surface while protection turf from damage. This application is particularly effective for pedestrian traffic.

When laid with the geotextile side down and the mesh up, TYPAR GrassCarpet is an ideal solution for temporary protection of surfaces for vehicle asset routes.

Temporary reinforcement solution for access, parking and grass paths

• Ideal for outdoor events, exhibitions and concerts
• Temporary car parking and wheelchair access
• Temporary pedestrian and vehicle access routes
• Re-useable over and over again
• Quick to install, quick to remove