WAVELAY Detectable Tape

WAVELAY Detectable Tape

Wavelay (Detectable Tape)

Wavelay™, detectable tracer tape, used in conjunction with cable avoidance tools, is used for detecting underground services.

  • Unique design that allows wires to stretch over 25% before breaking
  • Wires and printed text protected by laminated film
  • Manufactured using stainless steelwires laid in a sinusoidal pattern, laminated between two layers of rot resistant, lead free, virgin grade polyethylene
  • Detection accessories available
  • Tensile strength of wire 680 N/mm2
  • Custom orders available for customers requiring unique colors, sizes and texts

Crimping tool

The use of a crimping tool / wire crimps is required to ensure a continuous signal along Wavelay detectable mesh. Use of the crimping tool assures sufficient join strength capable of withstanding most backfill. Signal may not pass correctly from join to join if not crimped properly at installation.