TYPAR Geosynthetics manufactures a comprehensive range of landscaping solutions for commercial or DIY home projects, including root and weed protection, porous drivable surfaces, and grass parking. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality, reducing maintenance requirements and ensuring long-term performance.

Garden Centers and Nurseries

TYPAR Geosynthetics offers Garden Centers & Nurseries a variety of products & solutions for growing, production and retail services:

Nursery Production

  • BioBarrier – Improve pot-in-pot nursery production by utilizing biobarrier at the bottom of pots to eliminate root-out (growth of roots through the drainage holes) and improve productivity.
  • Geotextiles – Whether eliminating weed competition or protecting your investment from frost damage, TYPAR  has the next answer.
  • Grass & Ground – Utilize our grass and ground reinforcement solutions to stabilize production sites in a cost-effective manner without adding impervious surfaces.

Retail Sales

  • TYPAR Landscape Fabric – Premium weed control fabric.  Contact DeWitt (link to contact info) for information on retail display packages and pricing.
  • Recycled Porous Paving – TYPAR GrassProtecta and TYPAR BodPave85 offer unique retail solutions for porous driveways, overflow parking, and paths.
  • Geotextiles – Contractor grade geotextiles for civil construction applications.
  • Fencing and Netting – Plant support, anti-bird, windbreak and safety fencing

For further assistance, please contact a customer service representative today.

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TYPAR Geosynthetics for garden and nurseries biobarrier, grass and ground, landscape fabric, netting


TYPAR BioBarrier
Grass & Ground Reinforcement
LEED Credits
TYPAR BioBarrier - Electrical Fencing, Quebec
TYPAR BioBarrier
TYPAR BioBarrier
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TYPAR BioBarrier - Tree Skirt Applications
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TYPAR BioBarrier - Surface Protection Application
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TYPAR BioBarrier - Golf Green Application
TYPAR BioBarrier - Underground Structure Application
TYPAR BioBarrier - Tree Application