TYPAVE™ 25 Flexible Porous Paving

TYPAVE™ 25 Flexible Porous Paving

TYPAVE™ 25 Flexible Porous Paving

Ideal Sustainable Solution for Grass and Gravel Surface Applications

TYPAVE™ 25 by Typar is a new US manufactured porous paver made from recycled plastic material to meet LEED credits.  The plastic paver is engineered to provide a reinforced surface for H25 loading while allowing for the beatification of a grass surface.  

TYPAVE™ 25 paver’s structure is constructed with Quick-Snap integral joints between sections creating a strong monolithic structure that can be staked into the ground removing the chance for shear or slip.  

The shipping mechanism was designed into this product fitting perfectly on a 48 x 48 pallet with double stacking to make the most efficient shipping reducing both the cost and carbon foot print .  Once installed the porous plastic paver performs the reinforcing structure for fire access lanes, drive lanes and parking lots while keeping the aesthetics of grass. With the open cell structure, TYAPR 25 creates a permeable reinforced surface suitable for traffic while allowing water to permeate into the sub-soil beneath.

Features & Benefits

  • Grass or gravel surface reinforcement
  • Quick-Snap Technology with hands free connections
  • 6,560 psi load support
  • Up to 2X more connections
  • Made in the USA from recycled materials
  • Ship up to 75% more per truckload vs. the competition
  • Anchoring capability

Typical Applications:

  • Fire Access Lane
  • Utility Access
  • Emergency Access
  • Parking Lots

Product Specification

L x W x D (Inch)
Cell Depth
Load Bearing 
Black46" x 46" x 1"
2000 sq ft per pallet
6560 PSI

TYPAVE™ 25 paving grids are supplied conveniently with 2000 sq ft per pallet (48 x 48 inch pallet) and 1 acre per full truck, reducing shipping costs and carbon footprint compared to competitor products.


3004 TYPAVE Sell Sheet