TYPAR Geocell - Gun Range

TYPAR Geocell - Gun Range

TYPAR Geocell - Gun Range

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Retaining Structures

Gun Firing Range Protection Walls
TYPAR Geocell is an all-textile cellular containment system used to build structures from sand, earth and other local materials. When filled with earth and sand, a TYPAR Geocell wall contains no metal or plastic parts, making it ideal for use by gun clubs for firing range walls where ricochet hazards need to be reduced or eliminated.
The TYPAR Geocell system is modular and allows the construction of an enormous range of different shaped structures. Use to replace a traditional sloped sand backstop in a small arms firing range. TYPAR Geocell units are available in a variety of sizes, allowing the construction of a multi-layered installation with smaller units placed in front of the main units as sacrificial bullet catchers, resulting in a cost-effective de-leading maintenance program – just repair or replace the smaller inner units when necessary. Construction of side walls allows wider firing arcs and greater flexibility in training.
TYPAR Geocell is an excellent solution for construction of a small arms close quarter battle range facilities, allowing realistic close quarter battle training with high velocity weapons with internal wall protection for use of multiple teams within the complex. Also an effective solution to add height to existing range wall berms, addition of range dividing walls, obstacles and target protection.
TYPAR Geocell is a flexible, cost effective, modular alternative to traditional range building techniques that allows maximum flexibility with minimum maintenance.

Full applications for TYPAR Geocells include:
• Gun Clubs
• Firing range walls
• Ballistics Protection
• Vehicle Barriers
• Force Protection
• Blast Protection


Typar GeoCell - Gun Range
TYPAR Geocell
TYPAR Geocell