Mining and Landfill

Mining and Landfill

TYPAR Geosynthetics provide critical properties desired for effective landfill engineering solutions utilizing geotextiles. 

  • Durability and puncture resistance to withstand installation damage and service life pressures. 
  • High initial modulus and optimum elongation to prevent membrane damage from point loads during service life settlement. 
  • Chemical resistance when in contact with leachate during sustained periods. 
  • UV resistance during exposure prior to waste coverage.

Leachate Collection Layer

Leachate Collection  Layer applications for TYPAR Geosynthetics

The most critical element of landfill design is the area at the base of the cell. Subjected to a great deal of surcharge loading, it is the deepest transition point between the surrounding soils and the landfill cell.  Potentially hazardous leachate collects in this zone. Due to the complicated design and location in the profile, failure leads to difficult and costly repair.

TYPAR Geosynthetics provides innovative separation and drainage solutions for the leachate collection layer. With our broad range of geocomposites and geotextiles, our solutions are designed with the key properties of performance in-mind, including elongation, chemical resistance, durability, and strength.

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Robust Geotextile protecting the membrane on a landfill base
TYPAR geocomposite drainage for landfill


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