Pipelines / Utilities

Pipelines / Utilities

Typar Geosynthetics pipeline and utilities products provide protection, location, and demarcation solutions for civil engineering applications. Our product line includes rock shield protection mesh, detectable tapes and meshes, and cable protection covers for underground utilities, oil and gas pipelines, electrical transmission lines, water and sewer pipes, and other sub surface infrastructure.

Pipeline backfill rock protection

TYPAR Rockshield HD is a flexible, heavy duty, plastic mesh used for pipeline projects to replace the traditional thick sand collar that acts as a cushion for the pipe's coating. Rockshield is signficantly easier to install than sand, which is difficult to place consistently around pipes. Rockshield flexible mesh can be installed quickly and easily. The mesh prevents stone from damaging the pipe's coating. 


TYPAR Protectamesh HD Rockshield Mesh