Geosynthetics are extensively used as a civil engineering solution to reinforce unbound aggregate layers in highways, unpaved and paved roads, runways, railways, parking structures, and other trafficked surfaces.  Utilizing geosynthetics for stabilization, separation, and confinement reduces total construction depth required and extends the lifespan of surfaces, positively impacting the projects Return on Investment (ROI) to meet economic and environmental standards.


Geotextile applications include:

  • Highways
  • Paved & Unpaved Roads
  • Industrial Yards
  • Railways
  • Parking Lots
  • Access roads
  • Bike Paths and Pedestrian Walkways

TYPAR Geotextiles provide stability to granular base layers by providing particle separation between existing subsoils and engineered aggregate.  Maintaining separation reduces losses up to 3” of granular materials into soft or unstable subsoils by stopping large and fine particles from mixing while allowing water to pass through the layers.  TYPAR has over 40 years of documented performance in stabilization applications, ensuring that dynamic forces from vehicular traffic will not compromise the stability of the separated engineered subbase.

Geotextile Considerations

  • Subgrade material properties
  • Soil conditions
  • Hydrology
  • Hydrogeology
  • Load conditions

Geotextile application to separate granular layers for ground stabilization
Typar geotextiles prevent sub-base materials intermixing, ensuring the road surface remains stabilized


Geocell applications include:

  • Base stabilization over poor soils
  • Permeable surfaces 
  • Gravel Parking Structures
  • Stabilized drainage layer
  • No dig tree root protection
  • Permanent and temporary access roads and walkways

The TYPAR GEOCELL GS cellular confinement system utilizes the strength and permeability of a geotextile to create a 3-dimensional cellular confinement system. Manufactured from nonwoven geotextiles, the cell walls are permeable to water, air and nutrients, increasing stability and vegetative performance. The TYPAR GEOCELL GS system ships in compacted panel form and expands into a honeycomb formation to the desired shape and dimension on-site. The unique, lightweight, flexible material conforms to surface variations to improve ease of installation while resisting impact damage. A variety of infill materials, including native soils and recycled aggregates, may be used to reduce waste material and overall construction costs.

Load Support

TYPAR GEOCELL GS cells transfer downward forces laterally within the confined cells, reducing loads on underlying soils and the required sub-base depth. The cellular confinement system is an ideal solution for providing stabilization over poor soil conditions, reducing constructed profile depth and cost, protecting soil and roots from compaction, and providing site access for light, heavy, and industrial vehicles.

Stabilization of road surfaces using geotextiles
TYPAR geocells spread downward forces laterally
Geocells used in a road construction for ground stabilization and tree root protection

Plastic Porous Paving

BodPave85 Applications Include:

  • Gravel and grass parking 
  • Porous surfaces
  • Low Impact Development (LID)
  • LEED Projects
  • Fire access lanes
  • Access roads
  • Coach parks
  • Driveways
  • Helipads and aircraft taxiways
  • Bike paths and walkways

TYPAR BodPave85 porous pavers are a modular, interlocking cellular and porous paving system for ground reinforcement. Made of recycled plastic, TYPAR BodPave 85 can be installed with either a grass or gravel filled surface, offering a low-cost surface solution.  The high infiltration rates of confined, open-graded gravel and heat reduction of a vegetated surface provide the ideal solutions to LEED and LID projects requiring an alternative to traditional asphalt or concrete.

Grass Reinforcement Mesh

Grass reinforcement mesh applications include:

  • Overflow parking
  • Grass paths
  • Access roads
  • Outdoor exhibition grounds
  • Helipads and light aircraft taxiways
  • ADA Accessibility

TYPAR offers a range of mesh reinforcement options for grassed surface, providing the optimal performance and cost solution. Our grass reinforcement meshes are suitable for any traffic depending on intensity of use. Installed on bare soil or existing grassed surfaces, TYPAR reinforcement mesh maintains the aesthetic and benefits of grass with the reinforcement required for vehicular or pedestrian traffic.


TYPAR Geotextiles
TYPAR Geocells
Grass & Ground Reinforcement
TYPAR C-Class Geotextiles
LEED Credits
TYPAR GrassProtecta
TYPAR BodPave 85
TYPAR TurfProtecta
TYPAR GrassProtecta
TYPAR Geocell GS
TYPAR BodPave 85 - Gravel Surfaces
TYPAR BodPave 85 - Grassed Surfaces
TYPAR TurfProtecta
TYPAR Bodpave - Employee overflow parking, Guerneville, CA
TYPAR Bodpave - Emergency Access, Show Low, Arizona
TYPAR GrassProtecta - Recreational and Maintenance Access, San Antonio
TYPAR GrassProtecta - Helipads & Vehicle Parking Lots, Circuit of Americas - Austin, TX
TYPAR GrassProtecta - Temporary Grass Parking - Houston, TX
TYPAR GrassProtecta - Overflow Grass Parking Lot, UK
TYPAR GrassProtecta - Grass Parking Lot, UK
TYPAR GrassProtecta - Vehicle & Wheelchair access, New Jersey
TYPAR GrassProtecta - Overflow Grass Parking Lot, Nashville
TYPAR GrassProtecta - Stadium Parking, Baltimore
TYPAR BodPave 85 - Employee Parking Lot, Arizona
TYPAR BodPave 85 - Fire Access Lane, California
TYPAR BodPabe 85 - Residential Driveway - Lockport, IL
TYPAR BodPave 85 - Stormwater Sensitive Parking Area, Arlington, MA
TYPAR BodPave 85 - Driveway, Parking and Walkways, California
TYPAR TurfProtecta - Grass Drive and Slope Reinforcement (UK)
TYPAR TurfProtecta - Recreation Ground Reinforcement (UK)
Porous Paving
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TYPAR GrassProtecta + Geogrid
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TYPAR GrassProtecta
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TYPAR Geocell GS 250 - Slope Stabilzation
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TYPAR Geocell GS 250/150 - Load Protection / Ground Stabilzation
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TYPAR Geocell GS 220/200 - Load Protection / Ground Stabilzation
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TYPAR BodPave 85 - Grass Surfaces (Reduced Dig)
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TYPAR BodPave 85 - Gravel Surfaces (Reduced Dig)
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TYPAR BodPave 85 - Gravel Surfaces
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TYPAR BodPave 85 - Grassed Surfaces
TYPAR Geocell GS - Load Protection Applications
TYPAR BodPave 85 - Design Guide for Stormwater